Derelict Boat Disposal

Our Boat breaking team cover the whole of the UK. The vast majority of the boats we scrap come from along the south coast. However plenty of boats are collected from the all around the country. Whether be in a field, on a farm, at the back of a boatyard or in someone’s garage. Our latest collection was from a derelict boat in a bush near Swansea.

Firstly the team had a call from a family who we believe was in the process of selling a property. Their only problem was trying to clear the derelict boat that was in the bush at the back of the site. As you will be able to see from the pictures they had sent, the boat was in an abandoned state. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything left on her with any real value so it was a straight collection for disposal job.

Awkward Size

From the pictures the derelict boat looked as if it was an awkward size and weight to collect using a trailer. For this type of boat we would usually aim to park our trailer in front and have the boat winched on. But as this one was a long way away we didn’t want to risk having a wasted journey.

Instead our plan for this job was to send our lorry with a Hiab lifting arm. This way there would be absolutely no doubt collection would go smoothly. The only things we have to worry about when collecting a boat with the Hiab is access and any over hanging cables.

Removing Boats From Difficult Locations

As expected the derelict boat was lifted and loaded with no problems at all. Our boat disposal team are experts in removing boats from difficult locations.

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