Boatbreakers Support UK Marine Conservation Causes

Marine Conservation is a big issue to us. Boatbreakers donate a percentage of each month’s profit we make through our boat disposal service to Sea Changers. For instance when someone chooses to scrap their boat they are helping. The money is distributed evenly amongst a range of great UK based marine causes.

Since its inception in 2011, Sea-Changers has awarded over 170 marine conservation grants to projects across the UK, channelling £100,000-plus in funding towards the protection of the country’s coasts and seas.

Who Received Funding?

The Sea Changers team were kind enough to send us a run down of who has benefitted from the donations.

“Underwater clean-ups, seal conservation projects and citizen science apps are among the winners of the latest round of Sea-Changers’ grants. Almost £14,428 between 21 UK-based marine conservation charities and schemes.

The 2019 grant money comes from boat owners, scuba divers, sailors and cruise-goers. Donations come via Sea-Changers’ marine business partners including Boatbreakers.

Fittingly the latest round of grants will sponsor a diverse mix of marine conservation projects. With the emphasis very much on community involvement in environmental solutions.

Marine Litter

Funding has been given to projects targeting marine litter both on land and at sea. Therefore we chose Clean Coast Outer Hebrides. They will be venturing to remote areas of the Isle of Lewis coastline, performing beach cleans in places that have never been subjected to one before.

Moreover a grant has also been allocated to Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC). They will be diving underwater to remove debris from the UK’s sea beds.  lost angling gear, general litter and fly-tipped waste – and rescue any wildlife that has become entangled in fishing gear.


Education remains a crucial theme of Sea-Changers grants. For instance projects funded through our work in 2019 include Go Dive in Derby. They are bringing the sea to the inland city as they seek to raise awareness around marine pollution impacts.

Also this year we have also supported the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum. They will be aiming to increase the conservation knowledge and understanding of local communities via marine code workshops and encouraging citizen science via their Marine Code App.

Species Protection

Sea-Changers’ latest round has also sought to support a wide range of species protection projects. As a result grants have been awarded to The Shark Trust, Friends of Horsley Seals, the Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery and others.

This year’s grant winners also include the Morecambe Bay partnership. With new funding for their bird-ringing project. Finally, Campbelltown Sub Aqua Club, who are being supported as they aim to carry out their Seasearch surveys.”

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In Conclusion the full list of organisations and projects funded in this round of grants is as follows: