A common question we get asked it why we have to charge you the customer to scrap your boat. First of all, there are times where we can take boats on free of charge if they have recoverable items we can recover our costs from. But back to the question, the answer is simply that there are costs that we can’t avoid, and neither could you if you followed the same process we do.

If your boat is still in the water and needs lifting out, this is the first cost that will need to be considered. Then the next cost to be incurred is Transport. Whether we have to hire a specific trailer, a Hi-ab or even provide a crew to move the boat by water, these all can’t be done for free. The cost to deliver a scrap boat is exactly the same as the cost to deliver a new build.

Once the boat eventually reaches our yard in Portsmouth we next have to consider the time taken to chop the boat up either by hand or using our machinery. Once we have chopped the boat and separated any recyclable materials what is left is then weighed in. This usually amounts to around £120 a tonne.

So once the boat has been lifted, shifted, sorted, chopped and weighed in the cost to dispose of a boat can be greater than you expect. However, the Boatbreakers team will always endeavour to reduce the costs and give you the best deal where possible.

When your boat’s time is up and it’s time to send her to the big boatyard in the sky, Boatbreakers try to give you a simple and stress-free solution. Use our Scrap Calculator to gauge a rough idea of what the cost may be to dispose of your old boat.