Boat Disposal in Dorset

The Boat breakers team were in Dorset last week to collect a small yacht from Poole Yacht Club. Her owner had called us the discuss the possibility of moving on his 21ft Yacht. The Boat breaking team are always busy this time of year talking to lots of boat owners who want to escape the trappings of another year of storage fees.

In reality the yacht itself probably could have been kept going for a number of years. However with older owners who may not be so tech savvy it can be a challenge to list the boat on a boat selling site. A broker wouldn’t be interested in trying to sell as the boat is too low value. Then there is the potential of people wasting the seller’s time and not completing on a purchase. All of these factors can come into an owner’s decision when deciding on whether to scrap their boat.

Boat Disposal Solution

Our boat disposal solution is designed to be a simple process for the owner. They give us the go ahead to collect and scrap the boat. Then we make a plan to have the boat collected. Our bill is sent to the owner and as long as it’s paid the boat will be removed as planned. This simple one last bill approach is welcomed by most owners who just can’t wait to escape the trap of costly storage fees.

The only part the owner had to organise was getting the mast and boom removed. This is usually something that boat yards are happy to help an owner arrange.

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So if you have an old boat just sat in a yard with bills on the way, give us a call. You can fill in our Scrap Calculator and the team will work out the cheapest price possible to dispose of the boat.

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