Scrap Boats For Sale

Our Boatbreakers yard is starting to fill up with all manner of old yachts and motorboats. We simply can’t scrap them all straight away which means we can also offer scrap boats for sale. This may also mean we might just have that part you are after for your boat or the start of the perfect project. We typically strip the boats of anything that can be used on another vessel and list the items on our sister page

There is a time-scale to how long we keep the boats in our yard that are listed on this page and if no one offers them a lifeline they will be chopped up and sent to landfill. Since the very beginning Boatbreakers has always offered scrap boats for sale as movie or television show props.

Also on this page we will list the boats that we have been offered which will give you an idea of the boats and parts that we could have coming into the yard. You can also email us to register you interest or request to been alerted to certain boat parts becoming available. The majority of the boats that come into the yard will be chopped as soon as they arrive as they are beyond the point of repair but some could be useful.

The idea of the Scrap boats for sale page is to give you an idea what kinds of boats we are currently disposing of and to give you the chance to possibly pick up a boating bargain. Keep an eye on the Boatbreakers Facebook page and the @boatbreakers Twitter feed for the more updates. We often post videos about scrap boats for sale on our Boatbreakers Youtube channel.