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What is a Project Boat? And how can you list your Project Boat for Sale?

Maybe your boat is in a state of dis-repair?, In need of major repairs? Are you unable to sell her because of her current condition? Boatbreakers® can help! We are the perfect people to offer project boats for sale. We may even buy them ourselves and you can shift a costly boat for cash.

We specialise in finding buyers for boats in situations like above and with our fixed fee brokerage service you can get a good price for your boat at a minimum of cost to yourself. At Boatbreakers® we are always interested in helping you list your project boats for sale. Most brokers won’t want to go near a boat that is in need of work but we definitely will! If you have a project yacht, motorboat or narrow boat we can help.

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If you answered Yes? What’s next?

Read on for more information about Project Boats, or simply fill in our form and we’ll help you sell your project boat.

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If you answered No? What’s next?

Your boat could be one that we could sell for you, or it’s something that will need to be scrapped. We can help you with both of these scenarios.

Let us sell your project boat!

You have found yourself here as you have either decided your boat has become a project due to its condition or its damaged and it needs repairs that you may no longer be able to afford. So how do you classify a boat as a project?

If your yacht or motorboat is in need of some light care and attention like a new cover or a paint job do you think this is a project?

All boats even on the day they leave the boat builders need work. New boats need gadgets fitting to help make your day at sea more fun, they may need a spray-hoods and sail covers and internal furnishings like new cookers and the suchlike. That doesn’t make them a project, it just makes them the focus of the new owners attention and they want everything right.

Older boats being sold by brokers also fit into this category and new owners want to put their own personal stamp on their new boat.

If a yacht or motorboat has been neglected or has more than minor repairs that the current owner cannot finish or afford & without these completed she cannot be properly used, she is a project boat. We know there is a person out there who can take on your boat and turn her around within a budget and time scale.

If you think your boat is a project then please complete our online form or just call us. Its our job to find a new owner for your boat.

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Project Boats - Let Us Sell Your Project Boat

Let us sell your project boat for you. Fill in our simple form or call us on 023 9298 4666, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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