Moorings For Rent

It’s not  just chopping up Boats and selling old parts and spares at Boatbreakers. We now can offer moorings for rent in some great locations around the Portsmouth area. We have a number of temporary deep water moorings in Portsmouth Harbour itself, with fantastic views of Portchester Castle.

Boatbreakers also has another deep water mooring at the entrance to Langstone Harbour which would be particularly perfect for a fishermen who want round the clock access to the Solent. Finally our last mooring is in Birdham and would be perfect for bilge keel vessels. For more information about the availability of the these moorings call us on 023 9298 4666 or email:

Temporary Moorings

Temporary Mooring For Rent - Tipner Lake

Temporary Mooring For Rent - Portsmouth Harbour

Temporary Mooring Available for Rent in Portsmouth

Portsmouth Harbour- Swing moorings suitable for large deep water vessels- up to 3 months at a time.

Price on Application. These moorings can cater for large vessels and used to be used to moor Submarines waiting to be scrapped.

Our moorings in Portsmouth Harbour are only temporary but they’d be perfect for larger vessels during the summer season. All moorings can be accessed from our Boatbreakers Yard in Tipner. You’ll also have an undisturbed view of the Portchester Castle.

£Price On Application.

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Permanent Moorings


Permanent Mooring Available for Rent in Birdham

Birdham – C3 site semi dry mooring, perfect for bilge keel/flat bottom boats. £650 a year. Suitable for up to 25ft boat. C – 1/2 Tide mooring ‘dries 1.1m’ to ‘dries 2.5m’, 3 – 9 metres.

£650.00 per annum.

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Permanent Mooring Available for Rent in Langstone

Langstone – suitable for vessels up to 40ft. Deep water swing moorings close to the Harbour entrance. Perfect for fishermen or people who want to be able to get out on their boats at all times. £1000 a year.

£1,000.00 per annum.

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