Seamaster 18 in Faversham (Kent)

This Boat is no longer lonely

Our boat disposal team received this message from a guy that had a Lonely Boat to re-home. He explained, “I thought I was able to cope with a small boat again. This has not worked out for me and I haven’t even been able to cope with this small Seamaster 18. So I have turned to you again to hopefully assist me in disposing of this boat.”

After looking at the pictures we could see that the boat had a nice Mercury 15hp engine and had been generally well maintained. Our usually plan of action in this circumstance is to take the engine off and scrap the rest of the boat. However we decided to try our Lonely Boat solution to see if anyone wanted to take on the hull. As expected we did find someone who wanted the boat as a project and we gave them the hull for free. Another Lonely Boat that won’t end up in the scrap heap just yet.