Leisure 27 Yacht at Port Solent

This Boat is no longer lonely

Lonely Boat Leisure 27 Yacht was given away for FREE . We had been asked to share this Lonely Fin Keel Leisure 27 at Port Solent.
The boat was locked so the picture was taken through a gap in the washboards. It looked tidy enough inside. We had been told it’s a Yanmar engine inside with a sail drive. It’s been out of the water for a number of years so we couldn’t comment on the condition of the engine. From what we could see there were no signs of osmosis on the hull. Anyone who was interested just hd to fill in the contact form and we sent the owner their details to make contact.
Her new owner was ecstatic to get hold of the boat as it’s his first foray into boat ownership. It’s a great project to get his teeth in to and matching with the boat for Free leaves money in the budget to get her ship shape. Another Lonely Boat matched with an owner who will give her a new lease of life.