Matched to a New Owner

Huzar 30 in Gosport

Matched to a New Owner

This Boat is no longer lonely

This Huzar 30 was originally a boat that we had bought with the intention of selling on. We viewed the boat in the water at Chichester Marina and everything seemed ok with her. Our team moved the boat round to a mooring in Gosport so she was closer to home. Eventually we did arrange a sale and she was lifted out in a local yard. It was only then that we realised that she had some major issues. Her lead fin keel had been bent during her time with a previous owner. He must have hit something hard!

The deal was off and now we had a boat out of the water that could be up for the chop. We shared the Huzar 30 in our Boat Scrapyard group just like every other Lonely Boat we deal with. Our team also recorded a video to show potential buyers around the boat. Within a few days we had a list of people interested and after a couple of viewings someone was found to save her.

In the following week they had the keel fixed and the boat was relaunched into the water. At the time of writing she has been used regularly for sailing trips into the solent. We are glad that we didn’t have to go down the scrap route for the Huzar as above the waterline she was a fantastic boat.

If you didn’t see the video we made about the boat you can click here (Huzar 30 Boatbreakers Video).