Boatbreakers Auctions

The Boatbreakers team are determined to empty the warehouse of all the recycled boat bits we currently have. In 2023 we’ve decided to hold online auctions to let it go by the box load. Starting on January 27th our new Auction page will be up and running. We will launch all the items at 4pm so you will be free to make a bid on them.

To put it simply we need to make space and we want to let you have a bargain. We will be listing boxes of mixed chandlery, boats, projects and more. If you have been to our Boat Scrapyard warehouse in Gosport you will know the kind of items we have. Other item we can put in the post but the costs will be passed on to the buyer.

How to Bid

To make a bid on any of the item you just need to register as a member. You only need to provide an email and telephone number so we can contact you when you win! If you do win an item you are welcome to pick them up from us in our Gosport office. Other items we can put in the post but the costs will be passed on to the buyer.

We always get such a mix of stock in through the doors and we don’t always know what it’s all worth. So by running the auctions we hope to give people the chance to get some bargains.

List Your Items

Once we iron out any bugs in the system we will look to offer you the chance to list your items for auction. Our team will handle the listing process just to keep things simple. Once the item sells we then just add a small sellers fee to the final price.

As the Boatbreakers team collect and scrap boats throughout the year we will list the best bits on the auction site. We will then put the links to the items in our Boat Scrapyard Group on Facebook.