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Work Boat Caught In A Storm

In June a workboat that was moored off our yard in Portsmouth (UK) was caught in a strong storm that did its best to sink the boat.The boat was eventually moved once the wind had eased and her owners could get to her safely. Despite the heavy blows which were sustained for over an hour the boat made it through with just some dents and lost paint.We were amazed that the ropes used to secure her to the barge didn't snap as they were put under immense strain.

Rotten Wooden Motor Boat Scrap

Seeing an old wooden boat scrapped is always a sad sight, even for us at Boatbreakers. But sometimes the problems with them and the costs far outweigh the value so if nobody wants her it's time to be scrapped.Laughing Gull has severe rot in her hull and even had holes in some places. It wouldn't have been long until she had sunk on her mooring in the Thames. The repair work was estimated at around £15,000 which her previous owner understandably did not want to commit to.She spent the last few weeks of her life at a Classic Wooden Boat Yard so she had plenty of chances to be saved. However this week her time finally came and she has been scrapped at our yard in Portsmouth, UK.The wood will be recycled, most metal fittings were removed and could be re-used, the engine is a runner so will be sold, as will the steering gear. So very little will end up in a hole in the ground which is a good thing.Visit for more information about scrap boats and boat breaking in the UK and Europe.

Broken Yacht Crunch

A short clip of our machinery making light work of an old Yacht. The old fibreglass shell had been stripped of any recoverable materials. More videos will be coming soon of our recent boat chops so stay tuned. Or visit

Office Barge Heads to London

The yard waved goodbye to one of our landmarks yesterday with the departure of the ex Royal Navy floating barge. She's being taken by water up to London to be used as floating accommodation and as a site office for a major new development in Canary Wharf.