Yacht in a Sandpit Scrap London

At Boatbreakers we always like the change of scenery of chopping up a boat on site as they usually mean visiting an interesting place where you wouldn’t expect a boat to be. Often it will be a garden and we’ll hear stories of how the owner has always planned to finish the project and go sailing but one thing led to another until we arrived with a disc cutter.

Storm Damaged Yacht From North Wales

The UK has endured a pretty terrible winter with plenty of rain, storms and even a beast from the east. In early April we had a call from an Insurance company that wanted us to collect a boat that one storm had gotten the better of.

Big Breaker From Bristol

In March, our Boatbreakers yard in Portsmouth had a rather large visitor to the yard. For anyone driving along the M275 into Portsmouth she was easy to spot, laid up on the Scrap Quay.